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We are not currently taking custom orders. So sorry to disappoint anyone that was trying to order! We do have other options for purchasing cakepops - please check out our shop page for more details . Thank you for understanding and being patient with us as we grow through these changes in our business!

Let us take your event/party/wedding etc. to the next level!

Tell us your theme and we will make beautiful treats that taste as amazing as they look!

Place an order today to recieve a quote. 

Minimum order - One dozen

Options to order cakepops, cakesicles and cake truffles below

Have a cakepop craving right    now??
Head to our online shop to see what is available or head over to
Lydia's Cakes and Confections in Maple Valley!
Available flavors are posted each day on Lydia's Facebook page.
Go get yours today!

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