Hot Cocoa Bombs are here for the season!! All you need to do is put your bomb in a mug, pour 8oz. of steaming hot milk (or coffee!) over the bomb and watch as the marshmallow-y magic happens!! These are such a fun spin on a seasonal favorite drink! Flavors available this month:

  • Classic Cocoa - just like it sounds! Cocoa shell with classic cocoa mix inside!
  • Tuxedo - The best of both worlds! Cocoa shell on one half and white on the other half, filled with white mocha mix and marshmallows 
  • Unicorn Cocoa - Vanilla shell covered with unicorn sprinkles, filled with unicorn tye die vanilla chips, marshmallows and a fun colorful surprise mallow inside too!
  • Red Velvet - Cocoa Shell filled with red velvet cocoa mix, so decadent and delicious
  • Strawberries n Cream - Vanilla shell filled with a strawberry mix, syrup, and dehydrated strawberries!
  • Cookies n Cream - crushed Oreo cookies mixed in the shell as well as filled inside the bomb
  • Salted Caramel - Cocoa shell filled with caramel sauce and covered with a caramel flavored drizzle and a sprinkle of flakey salt

HOT COCOA BOMBS - Four Pack/Six Pack

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  • As long as your cocoa bombs are kept in a container at room temp, they will have a decent shelf life, even up to a few weeks! When you're ready to use, make sure your milk is HOT and pour over bomb and enjoy!

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